Getting Started

  • Configuring Assemble

    Introduction Assemble is a powerful volunteer management software that gives organisations lots of flexibil...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Subject access request (SAR)

    To comply with GDPR organisations need to be able to respond to a Subject Access Request providing a copy o...

    Craig Braisby


  • Role profiles - introduction

    Role profiles are at the heart of users on Assemble. They determine how users are recruited, what functiona...

    Bulent Yazici
  • Role profile list

    Role profiles are configured from within Settings\recruitment\role profile. This page displays all role pro...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Role profiles

    Add new role  Before you start creating a role profile, ensure you have configured your permission groups a...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Recruitment Categories

    This section allows you allow you to review steps in a recruitment category and set related SLA limits for ...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Application questions

    This section allows you to create custom questions to be asked potential volunteers on their application.  ...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Reference Questions

    Assemble includes a default set of six reference questions. These can be viewed, re-ordered, edited, delete...

    Craig Braisby
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Account Settings

  • Organisation settings

    General settings  Organisation name The organisation name is required and cannot be blank. Please be aware ...

    Adriana Oliveira


  • Email colours

    Optional: Only available on certain plans. Please contact your account manager for details. Assemble allo...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Email Templates

    Assemble's automated emails are based on organisation-wide templates. In order to support the required scen...

    Craig Braisby
  • Links

    Links listed here will be made available to all users grouped under the 'Links' main menu in the order show...

    Craig Braisby
  • Miscellaneous

    Login text  You can add a short text to provide your users with guidance if they need further assistance. T...

    Adriana Oliveira

User Settings

  • Custom fields - attributes

    Custom fields collect additional information and store it against users. This information is stored on the ...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Permission groups

    Warning Modification of permissions can have serious implications for your organisation. Please only proce...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Permissions

    Warning Modification of permissions can have serious implications for your organisation. Please only proce...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Skills & interests

    It is important for organisations to capture the additional skills that a volunteer possesses and harness t...

    Adriana Oliveira


  • Motivations

    Motivations are used to capture a volunteer's reasons for volunteering with an organisation for use in repo...

    Craig Braisby
  • News articles

    Assemble allows organisations to publish news articles to their users, keeping them informed of important e...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Rota settings

    Rota is a powerful volunteering management tool, giving full autonomous control to managers, supervisors an...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Teams (hierarchies)

    Assemble supports an unlimited level and number of teams, sometimes referred to as hierarchy locations. Tea...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Activities category & outcomes

    Activity category Activities category can be open to being used by all or restricted to one or more of the ...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Expenses

    Ensure rules, declarations, mileage and expense types are in place prior to giving volunteers permissions ...

    Craig Braisby
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  • E-Learning

    Introduction and configuration  Assemble offers the ability to integrate with Moodle* or TalentLMS*, which ...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Zendesk

    If your organisation utilises Zendesk for helpdesk tickets/support, you can enable integration between Asse...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Webhooks

    A webhook is a way for a system to provide other systems with real-time information whenever a certain acti...

    Adriana Oliveira


  • Training

    Training contains the master list of available courses/modules with expected renewal/expiry and completion ...

    Craig Braisby
  • Consents

    Introduction Assemble allows organisations to collect consents from applicants and users on an ongoing basi...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Terms

    Assemble allows organisations to add links to their terms and conditions and any other policies.  For each ...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Clearance Flag

    The clearance flag is used to highlight to other departments (or people) the fact that a new volunteer has ...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Data protection

    The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is a European Union regulation that establishes a new fram...

    Adriana Oliveira

Bulk Actions

  • Imports

    Assemble supports importing users, adding notes or touchpoints, address book entries, tasks and training re...

    Matt Loughton