Organisation settings

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General settings 

Organisation name

The organisation name is required and cannot be left blank. Please be aware that if you change the organisation name, the changes will be reflected everywhere the organisation name is mentioned such as automated emails.

If you would like to change your organisation name, please contact us first as it will have an impact on URLs for Assemble.


By default, Assemble will display dates in DD MMMM YYYY format (01 February 2018) and time in 24h format.

If you change these settings, it will mostly affect how dates and times are displayed to users.

When setting up events/opportunities, the system will still ask the user to input time in 24h format.

Social networks


If your organisation has a Facebook page and you would like this shown to your users on the homepage, you can enter your organisation's Facebook page name. 

Please make sure you only enter the name as displayed on Facebook. For example:


If you would like your organisation's Twitter feed displayed to your users on the homepage, please enter the name of your Twitter account. For example:

If you would like to display a number of feeds, you must first create a Twitter List on the Twitter account you have entered above, click the "Show a specific Twitter list" checkbox and then enter the name of the list you would like displayed. 


If your organisation has a YouTube channel, you can display it on the homepage to your users. Assemble will display the latest video published on your channel.

Alternatively, you can create a playlist and Assemble will display the first clip on the list.


Recruitment settings 

You should only make changes to these settings if you are sure that your public site is ready to be published. If you have any questions, please contact Assemble Support.

You can enable the public-facing pages of your Assemble instance on this page. This will allow potential volunteers to search published opportunities and apply for them. 

If you would like this enabled but not indexed by search engines, make sure the "Allow web indexing" checkbox is unticked.

You can also decide the age at which your organisation decides if a user is to be classed as a minor. By default, Assemble sets this to be 18 and the minimum age you can set is 13. If you are unsure about this setting, please speak to a legal representative for your organisation.

The minor age cannot be lower than 13.

Any applicant below the minor age will be asked for parental/guardian permission.

Advanced settings

If you would like the custom domain name your organisation uses or the Assemble web address please contact Assemble Support.

If you would like to use Google Analytics, please enter the tracking ID you have been created/been given.

If you do utilise Google Analytics, please ensure that you have updated your legal documents such as your data protection and data privacy policies to reflect this.

Please note that Assemble does not support Google Tag Manager or any other analytic tools.

  Required permission(s)

  • Organisation management: Manage organisation settings