Reference Questions

Last Updated:
by Craig Braisby

Assemble includes a default set of six reference questions. These can be viewed, re-ordered, edited, deleted or new questions added as required.

Add question

Added questions are visible immediately on any new reference forms but will not be shown on historical (completed) forms. Preventing blank questions on completed forms which would give the impression an answer had not been supplied.

New questions will default to the end of the existing list but can be dragged to a new position if required.


To ensure questions remain compatible with previous answers, care must be taken when editing as this affects all previous and future forms. As such edit should only be used on a new question that has no answers, or to correct a minor spelling issue. 

Edit should not be used where the meaning of the question would be changed or previous answers will no longer make sense in context. In a scenario where a meaning needs to change, delete the original question and add a new one. 


Deleting a question hides it from all future forms but leaves existing answers intact on reference forms. You will be prompted to confirm as this action cannot be reversed.