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Role profiles are configured from within Settings\recruitment\role profile.

This page displays all role profiles within your organisation using their internal names rather than the external one visible to volunteers. By default, only active and draft volunteer role profiles are displayed.

New organisations will have one volunteer and one non-volunteer roles that can be used as  templates.


You can switch between the volunteer and non-volunteer role profiles by using the top menu options. You can also filter role profiles by role families and by status.


Contextual search 

If your organisation has a long list of role profiles, it's probably easier to use the contextual search on the page to find a specific role profile. You can search for them by their internal name or by their title (public name).

Role families

It is possible to group roles together using role families. They are used mostly for reporting and display purposes as it allows a manager to see reports on all similar roles without having the need to select them all individually. It also groups role profiles in the filters so that long lists are easier to manage.

NB A role profile can only belong to one role family so plan these groupings to allow for future developments in your organisation.

If you click on the "Role families" tab, you will be shown all the role families configured for your organisation where you can add/edit/delete role families.

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