Application questions

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This section allows you to create custom questions to ask potential volunteers on their application. 

A typical "full" application form on Assemble consists of the following sections:

  • Basic details
  • Your address
  • About you
  • Documents
  • References
  • Diversity
  • Review & apply

Please note that the sections described above might be slightly different for your organisation.

You are able to add application questions to any section other than "Diversity". There are many different question types you can use eg text, radio button, check-box etc.


The answers to the application questions are stored on the application and are not transferred to the user's record. You will still be able to view the application form and answers to the questions but the data remains with the application. If you need the information in the user record after they've completed the recruitment process, or if you need to record the same information for existing volunteers, you should use the Custom field functionality instead. Custom fields can also be set to be visible on the application form.

Add/modify questions

To create a new question, drag and drop the appropriate type from the right menu to the appropriate section of the appliation form. You can drag questions within a section to re-order them. However, questions cannot be dragged from one section to another.

Type in the question as you'd like it to appear on the form. Depending on the field type, you may then be asked to enter further information like drop-down values etc.

Next, specify which applicants should be asked this question. You can choose for it to be asked of all applicants or only those applying for specific roles.

If you don't select a role or mark as global, the question will only save as a draft and won't display on any application forms.


Questions can be global, meaning it will be asked on opportunities for all roles you don't need to update the application question to apply it to new role profiles. or you can restrict it to one or more roles in the selector.
Compulsory questions have to be answered before an application can be submitted.

Delete questions

If you would like to delete a question, click on the question and then press the "Remove" button.


This will permanently remove the question and you will not be able to see any of the answers previously provided.

  Required permission(s)

  • Organisation Management: Manage custom recruitment questions