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Assemble allows organisations to collect consents from applicants and users on an ongoing basis in the user record and as part of the application form.

They can be one of the following types:

Consent type Example Example values
Radio-button I agree with the use of my image for marketing materials Yes/No
Single checkbox You can use my image in marketing materials Single checkbox
Multiple checkboxes I want to receive marketing information via Email, post, SMS, phone.

Consents can be marked as compulsory which means that they have to answer the consent question by selecting one of the options. A single checkbox marked as compulsory will required applicants/volunteers to agree to the statement in the same way as the Terms checkbox is required to be ticked. These cannot be unticked at any point as they're required for someone to be a volunteer.

Consents will be displayed on the last step of application forms, above the Terms checkbox. Once they have applied, applicants can change their consent options within the applicants' portal. Existing users can update consents through their user profile, under Password & Privacy  with managers also having access through the same tab on the user record. Any changes will be logged with the date/time detailed onscreen.

Consents for specific roles

Consents, within Admin settings, are organisation-wide and cannot be limited to specific roles. A single checkbox consent can be set for specific roles through the role profile. This is displayed on the Recruitment tab within the role profile but cannot be edited after the role profile has locked (ie when users, opportunities or applicants are associated with it).

In addition, custom fields (attributes) and application questions can be applied to specific roles and may be more appropriate in some situations.

Terms and conditions

Consents should not be used for asking your users to agree with your terms and conditions (like your privacy policy) or any other type of document. For those, please use the Terms setting.

Create new consent

To create a new consent question, drag and drop the appropriate type from the right menu to the middle section. Add the consent question and the answer values if necessary. To add a link within the consent, click the chain icon to provide a URL to documentation or a relevant file.

Expiry (months)

You can set up an expiry period (in months) for consents. At the end of this time, from the date they supplied the consent, users who log in to Assemble will be asked to reconfirm their consents. If you leave this field as 0, they will not be forced to reconfirm their consent but they can change it any time they wish.


If a new consent is added to the system and is marked as compulsory, all users will be required to provide the answer for the newly added consent. New applicants will simply see the term on the application form but existing users will need to complete the consent before they can continue to use Assemble.

Editing/deleting consent

To edit/delete a consent, click on the consent to see its details, edit and save the changes.

To delete a consent, press the "Remove" button. Please be aware that if you delete a consent, you will lose any previous consents given by your users.

Consents are also available through the API. The endpoints are listed here

  Required permission(s)

  • Organisation management: Manage organisation terms and consents