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Introduction and configuration 

Assemble currently offers the ability to integrate with Moodle* or TalentLMS*, which allows linking Assemble's existing training modules functionality to courses your organisation has available on one of these learning management systems (LMS). 

In order to link a training listed on Assemble with an existing online module, first, a few changes must be done to the settings of your LMS platform.

Moodle users - Click here to see step-by-step Moodle configuration; please note that you must have Moodle system admin permissions to complete this step.
Talent LMS users - contact Assemble support for instructions.

Once you've completed your LMS configuration, make note of your LMS URL and tokens which can then be pasted directly into Assemble within the admin settings (Settings >Integrations). If your LMS is not listed please contact Assemble support to complete the configuration on the Assemble side.

Linking Assemble training to an LMS course

Create or edit training modules through the Admin Compliance ⇒ Training ⇒ Module name. The title and description will be visible to volunteers so make sure it's clear. This is particularly important if you choose not to enable the LMS sync for some role profiles (see NOTE below).

Set the completion period (within X weeks/months of starting the role). Set the renewal period which will prompt the volunteer to repeat the training at the interval you set. Both of these are optional.

Now link this Assemble training module with your LMS by clicking on the  “Associate with 'x' course?” field. You'll see a list of all of your online courses. Just select the relevant one for this training module.

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The LMS course list will only show if an LMS has been configured for your organisation, the list auto-populates based on the courses available within your organisation's LMS instance.

Assigning to role profiles

The next step is to assign the training module to role profiles; which will then allow users to see all training associated with their roles.


The checkbox Enable LMS sync must be ticked on a role profile’s settings for any associated online training to link with the LMS. If this setting is not ticked:

  • the training tile will still appear to managers on the volunteer's record
  • the training tile will also appear on the volunteer's view of their profile
  • there will be no direct link to the course from the training tile.

The Enable LMS sync setting prevents the auto-creation of users on your LMS, which you may need to do for licensing reasons. However, without this role profile-based setting, users with that role will be unable to access online training through Assemble.

You may turn this setting on/off for individual role profiles at any time.

Completing a training module

As explained above, courses are assigned to role profiles, therefore a user will only see the list of training associated with their roles by clicking on the TRAINING tab in their user profile. Managers can view the training from a user record by clicking on More ⇒Training. 

If training is associated with LMS, the "E-LEARN" tag will be displayed on the training tile and any image from the online training module will be displayed, rather than the standard mortar board icon.

When the user clicks to take an associated LMS training, an account will be created in the background, automatically logging the volunteer in and taking them to the relevant course, giving the volunteer a seamless experience. They only access training through Assemble and do not go via the LMS site.

Once the user completes the training it sends back this information to Assemble which automatically updates the training status and completion date for the user.

LMS associated training will reflect the latest date the module was completed, irrespective of if the user is completing the training for the first time or refreshing it. However, the volunteer manager can override the date.

Only the volunteer manager/supervisor can record the completion date for training that is not associated with an LMS.

Assemble will automatically notify the volunteer and manager when the training completion date is overdue.

Moodle is a free open-source learning management system used for e-learning.

*TalentLMS is a SaaS eLearning platform.