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If your organisation utilises Zendesk for helpdesk tickets/support, you can enable integration between Assemble and Zendesk.


Please follow the Zendesk instructions on creating an API token on your Zendesk instance.

Once you have created your Zendesk API token, you will need to provide the following information to enable the integration:


This is the subdomain part of your Zendesk instance. 

API username

Zendesk API requires the API token to be associated with a user account. Please enter the unique email address of the API user.

API token

Please enter the API token provided by Zendesk.

Please note that once you enter your API token, it will not be shown again on this page for security reasons. If you save your settings again, it will overwrite your existing token.

Once you have entered all the information, you must tick "Use Zendesk for Volunteer Support" to enable the integration.

What happens with Zendesk tickets?

When a user fills out the contact form on Assemble, it will be sent directly to your Zendesk via the API.

What happens from here on depends on whether or not your user has the permissions to send/receive Assemble messages via the Message Centre. If they don't, then it will further depend on whether or not a valid email is stored against the user account.

Assemble messages enabled

If the user has the ability to send and receive Assemble messages, then any emails back from your Zendesk (such as acknowledgement email) will be received as an Assemble internal message and they will be able to access it on Assemble.

If they respond back to any messages from Zendesk via the Message Centre, then these will appear as a normal update on your Zendesk integration.

Basically, Assemble takes over the role of the email client for your users.

Assemble messages not enabled

If the user does not have access to the Message Centre on Assemble but have a valid email address on their account, then any replies (such as acknowledgement emails or further correspondence) will be sent straight to the user's email address. Assemble will be out of the loop in this instance.

If the user does not have an email address on Assemble and does not have permissions to the Message Centre on Assemble, then this will be indicated on the initial ticket raised with Zendesk. It will be up to your support team to make contact with the user by other means.


If you need further information about Zendesk integration and how it will work with Assemble, please contact Assemble Support.

  Required permission(s)

  • Organisation management: Manage organisation settings