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Modification of permissions can have serious implications for your organisation. Please only proceed if you are confident with what you are doing. If you have any questions or hesitations, please contact Assemble support.

Assemble allows organisations to decide which permission each permission group has access to. So, please make sure you have configured your permission groups first.

On this page, you will see a list of all the permissions built into Assemble and next to them, the permission groups that have that permission.


The permissions are divided into the following categories1:

  • Super Admin
  • Organisation Management
  • Role Profiles
  • Recruitment & Vetting
  • Opportunities
  • Events
  • Supervisory Permissions
  • User Settings
  • The Hub
  • Message Centre
  • News
  • Chat (Applications)
  • Reports
  • Rota
  • Expenses
  • Forum
  • Activities
  • Tasks

1 The list of permission categories depend on the functionalities that has been enabled for your organisation.

You can hover your mouse over the information icon next to each permission to see further description of that permission.

Assigning/removing permission groups

For each permission, you can click on the field next to the permission where you will see a list of all available permission groups. Click on the desired permission group and it will be assigned to that permission. 

Assemble-Assigning_Permission_Groups_To_Permission.pngTo remove a permission group from a permission, click the X next to the permission group name.

Once you have completed all the changes you have completed, you press the "Save changes" button which will show you a summary of the changes you have carried out. Confirm the changes by pressing the "Save changes" button on the modal.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

On certain permissions, you will see a [2FA] label next to it. This indicates that users with that permission have to enable two-factor authentication. These are usually for permissions where the user may have the ability to change settings of the system or see a lot of user information.

Viewing permissions of a permission group

From the permission group listing page you can click the edit option from the actions drop-down to see and directly manage the group permissions. For further information, see the Permission groups article.

  Required permission(s)

  • Organisation Management: Manage permission groups