Skills & interests

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by Adriana Oliveira

It is important for organisations to capture the additional skills that a volunteer possesses and harness those skills to engage them more.

Assemble allows organisations to set up skills and/or interests that users can update in their profile.

On default, Assemble has "Language" skills added to your system and this cannot be modified. 

Add category

If you want to add a new skill/interest, you must first add a category. Press the "Add category" button, enter the category name, choose if it's a skill or interest and then press the "Create" button.

Edit/delete category

Hover your mouse over the category you want to edit and press the "Edit" button that appears. You will be able to change the category name and switch between skill and interest.

You can only delete a category that is empty.

Add skill/interest

To add a new skill/interest, hover your mouse over the desired category and press the "Add skill/interest" button that appears. 

You can now enter the name of the skill/interest.

You must then select if you want to restrict the skill/interest to a specific role profile. This allows you to only show skills/interests that are relevant to the users based on their role. If no role profiles are selected, then the skill/interest you have just added will be shown to all users.

Note: Although skill/interest categories cannot be restricted by role, if there are no relevant skills/interests for a user due to their role, then that category will not be visible to them.

Delete skill/interest

To delete a skill, click on the required skill and then press the "Remove" button at the bottom. 


If you delete a skill, all collected data associated with that skill will be removed. It will not be possible to undo this action.

  Required permission(s)

  • Organisation management: Manage skills and interests