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by Craig Braisby

Ensure rules, declarations, mileage and expense types are in place prior to giving volunteers permissions to the module. If configuration is not complete it will not be possible to complete a claim. 

Expense settings

Edit Settings

Require authorisation: Enable or disable the authorisation process by a person's manager. If disabled all submissions are automatically approved. 

Max age (months): Restrict max age when submitting an expense. Expenses over this age will be highlighted to allow a manager to make the decision if the claim should be paid. This will not prevent the claim being submitted.  

Submission email: Central email address for finance who should receive completed expense submissions once they are approved. 

Submission rules: Free text area used to cover your expense policy. Displayed to volunteers when submitting their expenses.

Submission declaration: Declaration volunteers need to agree to when submitting an expense. This is a required field; volunteers cannot submit an expense without first agreeing to the declaration. If the declaration is blank the option is not shown and claims cannot be submitted.

Submission Declaration (Supervisor): Declaration supervisors need to accept when approving an expense claim for a volunteer. This is a required field; supervisors cannot approve a claim without first agreeing to the declaration. If the declaration is blank the option is not shown and claims cannot be approved.

Mileage rates

At least one mileage rate needs to be set before volunteers can claim. Assemble supports multiple rates matching HMRC guidelines (which stipulate different rates above or below 10,000 miles for cars) or more complex policies depending on the organisation's policy. 

Name: Displayed to the volunteer and used to select the rate. 

Start/end date: As mileage rates often vary by tax year, a start/end date allows setting of when the rate is available for use. 

Description: Further detail on the expense rate.  

Rate: Rate per mile in pounds and pence, which will be multiplied by number of miles entered. 

Passenger rate: Optional additional per mile payment for carrying passengers.

Max miles: Support for HMRC limits on mileage that can be claimed. 

Expense types

At least one expense type needs to be specified to allow volunteers to claim. Volunteers can select from any expense type or a mileage rate when adding a claim.

Name: Displayed to the volunteer and used to categorise the expense. 

Position: Optional, allows a numeric sort order to be added to the list displayed to the volunteer. (low to high).