Rota settings

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by Adriana Oliveira

Rota is a powerful volunteering management tool, giving full autonomous control to managers, supervisors and volunteers over their volunteering hours. Using Rotas makes really easy to effectively manage, scale and report.


Keep it simple, focus on the organisation's ideal rota, one that fits most of teams hours. Deal with exceptions by grouping into as few additional patterns as possible.

Validation rules for adding a rota pattern

  • All fields are required
  • Max volunteers must be greater than ideal, ideal must be greater than min volunteers
    • The system will indicate when a rota team is below the required minimum number of volunteers 
    • Ideal and max will only be used for reporting purpose 
  • Shift patterns must not overlap each other

Validation rules for adding a team to a rota 

  • Team rota must not overlap each other
    • If a team is added to a rota pattern and the set start date overlaps an existing rota, the system will automatically add an end date to any previous rota set for the team

Setting an end date against an existing team

  • The date must be today or in the future
  • The date must not conflict with future rota; e.g. team rota that hasn't started yet

Add new rota pattern 

  • All fields are mandatory
  • You should first create an activity category to be associated with your rota pattern 

From the admin ==> rota select "add new" and follow the onscreen instructions.

Delete rota

You can only delete a rota pattern that has no teams associated with it.

  Required permission(s)

  • Organisation Management: Rotas - administration