Email Templates

Last Updated:
by Craig Braisby

Assemble's automated emails are based on organisation-wide templates. In order to support the required scenarios the templates include both show/hide logic and fields, which populate automatically from Assemble.

The key email templates have been made available for customisation in this section. Click any email title to expand and edit the related template. 

Changes to logic or adding 'fields' from other email templates can cause errors and prevent the email from being sent. 

Email templates support markdown and plaintext (optional). If no plaintext is supplied it will be automatically generated where applicable. 

For each template the available fields that can be inserted can be selected from the toolbar { } button. Fields within the email are shown within double brackets: {{field}}

Once changes are complete, press 'Update' to save, this will take effect immediately. You should test the related email following any change to confirm it is displaying as expected. 

Any email template that has been modified will also show 'Reset to default' on the bottom left. This will return the email back to Assemble default settings.