• Who can I see in the Directory?

    By default, you should see in your directory all users in your team (same hierarchy location). All users yo...

    Adriana Oliveira


  • Creating an Event

    Assemble’s Events feature allows you to create and manage meetings, conference talks, training sessions or ...

    Matt Loughton
  • Managing an Event

    If you are the event manager or have the permission to manage any event in your organisation, you should be...

    Matt Loughton
  • Activities

    My Activities Like tasks activities basic functionalities work in the same way for all Assemble users, the ...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Tasks

    Assemble features a powerful and intuitive tasks module that allows users to create tasks for themselves an...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Rotas

    Make sure your team already has a Rotas set, if not go to settings to set it or contact your supervisor or ...

    Adriana Oliveira

Message Centre

  • Message logs & Out of office

    This functionality works exactly the same for all users irrespective of permissions.  Please click here to ...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Compose new message

    Assemble built-in Messaging Centre helps to keep all communications between your organisation and its volun...

    Adriana Oliveira

My team

  • On-boarding codes

    On-boarding codes offer the ability to quickly capture existing volunteers into the system. Moving the admi...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Dashboard

    The Dashboard feature is only available to users with management permissions. It offers an overview of the ...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • My team - listing page

    This is the page you will see when selecting "My team" on the side menu or are redirected from the Dashboar...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Create volunteer

    This functionality gives you the option to add a volunteer without going through the recruitment process. C...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • User details

    What you can or cannot do on a user record will depend on the permission assigned to your role. These permi...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Ending volunteer & non-volunteer role

    To initiate a leaving process on behalf of a volunteer go to the Roles & responsibilities tab on the user r...

    Adriana Oliveira
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The Document Hub

  • Folders & files

    The document hub is where your organisation can make available any resources to aid volunteers and voluntee...

    Adriana Oliveira


  • Expense claims approval

    Approval is an optional step and only applies if enabled by the system administrator. If disabled claims w...

    Craig Braisby


  • Assemble support

    Overview While it is hoped your time with Assemble will be trouble free, issues can occasionally occur. Sup...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • GDPR

    Organisation consents  To comply with GDPR, organisations must have explicit consent from potential volunte...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Glossary

    A comprehensive list of words and expressions and it's meaning on Assemble context. A Applicant A person...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Requesting new features & improvements

    New feature We understand a new feature as something that does not exist yet on the system and you would li...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Reporting a bug

    What do we consider a bug? A bug is anything that differs from the intended, expected behaviour of a functi...

    Adriana Oliveira


  • Managing vetting

    The vetting section allows you to manage existing vetting processes that have been initiated during recruit...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Add new opportunity

    An opportunity brings together the elements required to recruit someone for a role in the form of an advert...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Managing opportunities

    From the opportunity listing page, you can find all the opportunities you can manage based on your permissi...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Add application on behalf of applicant

    Warning Applications made by supervisors cannot be cleared until the applicant had completed the applicati...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Managing applications

    View all applications from the dashboard  Warning Applications made by supervisors cannot be cleared until...

    Adriana Oliveira