Reporting a bug

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by Adriana Oliveira

What do we consider a bug?

A bug is anything that differs from the intended, expected behaviour of a functionality - anything that does something different from what it's supposed to do.

Below is an example of how to report a bug. Following these instructions will help our development team to investigate what could be causing it, and work out what is the best solution as quickly as possible.

Your organisation should facilitate the direction of where the bug report should be sent. 

E.g. 1:

Title: Tried to login using my credentials and was redirected to a not found page instead of my homepage.

Environment - Copy and past the URL you were in when the issue occurred. 

Browser and OS - Safari on macOS High Sierra

To find the macOS, select the apple on the top left-hand side of your computer and click the "About this mac" from the drop-down, usually the first item.

And on a Windows computer, it's normally on System => about 

On the phone, this is generally on Settings  -> about phone

Data used - In this case, the email address, we don't need the password.

Bug description - Tried to log in using the above email address and my password and it was redirected to a "Not found" page instead of the home/dashboard page.

E.g. 2:

Title: Can't upload a file to the "Document Hub."

Environment - Application URL

Browser and OS - Using chrome browser on my LG android 8.8.9 

Data used - Attach the file you are trying to upload 

Bug description - Trying to upload a document to the hub, it uploads to 100% then displays the following error message: "type here the error message displayed, this is normally in red, on your screen." 

Whenever possible, it's always good to take a screenshot of the problem and attach to the report.



Is not mandatory that you provide all the information described above, however, the more you can provide the easier it gets to reproduce the issue and consequently to find the solution.

Also, if you are unsure if the issue is the intended behaviour or not it's still worth reporting it to help us identify and correct possible ambiguities.