Requesting new features & improvements

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by Adriana Oliveira

New feature

We understand a new feature as something that does not exist yet on the system and you would like to suggest it.

E.g. As a user I would like to send Internal Messages to other users.

Assuming the Internal Message system does not yet exist in the application, the IM system is a new feature request.


Improvement is a new functionality/enhancement to be added to a feature that already exists on the system.

E.g. As a user I would like to be able to add labels to my message's on the 'IM', so I can categorise them.

Assuming that the Internal Message system already exists, being able to categorise them by adding labels is an enhancement to the already existing "IM" feature.

Any request either for a new feature or for enhancement of an existing one will be discussed during our development planning meetings and if approved will be added to the backlog to be implemented according to its priority. 

Keep in touch with your organisation to be updated on upcoming developments.