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Like tasks activities basic functionalities work in the same way for all Assemble users, the main difference for managers is the fact that they can view, add and edit other users activities from the "User details" page.

The activities tab allows the supervisor to do anything the user can do in the activities listing.

Click here for full instruction on activities.

Associated activities

On the activities listing, users will also have activities that have been added in association with tasks, events, rotas and one-off opportunities.

Tasks, rotas and one-off opportunities are volunteering activities. Therefore, they must have an activity category associated.

On the other hand, an event might or might not be counted as volunteering hours; e.g.:

  • A volunteer attends an event as a guest only, so in this case, you might not want to count the events hours as volunteering hours
  • A volunteer attends a training event that should be counted as volunteering hours


An activity category must be associated with the rota pattern:

  • When a shift is added, an activity will automatically be added for the shift
  • If the shift is updated, the activity will reflect the changes made to the shift
  • Activities tied to shifts cannot be directly updated or deleted 
  • To delete or update shift-associated activities, delete or update the shift.

One-off opportunity

When creating a one-off opportunity an activity category must be associated with the opportunity, then:

  • All attendees of the one-off opportunity will automatically get an activity added to them.
  • If the opportunity is updated, the activity will reflect the changes made to the opportunity
  • Activities tied to opportunity cannot be directly updated or deleted
  • To delete or update the activity, you must delete or update the opportunity attendance


When creating an event you can toggle whether the event should create an activity for the event attendees, then:

  • When a user accepts the event an activity will be added for them in the background 
  • If the user removes themselves (or is removed by a supervisor), the activity will be automatically deleted
  • If the event supervisor updates the date and start/end times of the event, any activity associated with the event will also be updated

  Required permission(s)

  • Activities:
    • View Activities
    • Create activity
    • Delete activity