Managing teams' rotas

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by Wendy Halley

Make sure your team already has a rota assigned from Admin>Settings>Rotas. If not please assign the relevant rota to your team or create a new one. The ability to create and assign rota patterns is a permission that may be reserved for Assemble administrators only in your organisation.

Adding shifts

Click the Add Shift button to add any date, or on the day view click on the progression bar to add shift to the specific day/time you are viewing, fill all required information and click the add shift button.


A confirmation message will display if the shift is added successfully. If for any reason the shift can't be added an error message will be displayed stating what went wrong.


The error message displayed on the screenshot above means the shift requested hours do not match the Rotas hours set for the team.

You are able to set a start/finish time of one hour before and after the rota's set hours, to allow for tidying up, setting up tasks that may be needed beyond rota time. For example, if the rota set hours for this team are 9:00 to 17:00 you can book a shift from 8:00 to 18:00 However, you wouldn't be allowed to book shift from 9:00 to 18:30, for example, as the extra shift time is more than an hour after the end of the rota setting.

To add recurring shifts select from the Repeat drop-down list, in the Add Shift dialogue box, to set the repeat pattern. When the shifts have been checked for an scheduling clashes, you'll receive a system message to confirm which shifts were added.


The blue dot on the rota calendar will show every day that you have a booked shift.

Edit a shift

Click on the individual day you want to change. Then click on the black bar of the shift to be updated. Make the required changes and then click the Update shift button.

Cancelling a shift

If you need to cancel a volunteer's shift, you can do so before or after the shift.

Click on the individual shift that you want to cancel and then simply click Delete. This will cancel the shift and delete the associated activity from their record.


This will only update or delete the shift for the selected day, even if the shift was added as a recurring shift. Other shifts in the repeating pattern will not be affected.

When volunteers leave

When a volunteer's role is closed, an end date for the role is required. Assemble will automatically cancel shifts after this date.

  • Any shifts added to the volunteer who is leaving will be cancelled.
  • Shifts for the current day won't be deleted if the shift has already started
  • The shift won't be added back if the leave process is cancelled
  • For deceased volunteers, all shifts are immediately cancelled.

Change a day's rota hours

Sometimes you may need to change the hours for a specific reason, like an event or extra work being expected. If your organisation has given you the permission level, you can change the rota hours for a single day. You do this through the rota itself and do not need access to the settings menu. But do make sure you are on the right day in the rota before making any changes. The changes won't affect any other day only the one you are viewing.

Custom working hours

If the working hours are extended the booked shifts for this day won't be extended automatically, so you will immediately see a shortage of volunteers for the extended period.

If the working hours are shortened, the booked shifts will be shortened automatically.

Set to default

The rotas hours for the specific day only will be reset to the default hours. Changes you may have made to other days will not be affected.

Close for the day

  • The rota is set as closed for the day
  • Any shifts booked for this day will be cancelled. These won't be reinstated if you change your mind and open the rota again for that day.

Any users affected by shift changes will receive a system message letting them know about the changes.