Tasks overview

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by Wendy Halley

Assemble features a powerful and intuitive tasks module that allows users to create tasks for themselves to do or, if a manager, to assign to others. This allows you to task volunteers effectively as well as to record and report on their activities accurately. This is particularly useful in measuring the impact of volunteering in an effective, organisation-specific way.

Assigning tasks

When you create a task you can assign it directly to a single, named user. Alternatively you can have it as an open task which is available to groups of volunteers. You choose the volunteers who can see and take the task. This is by team or role. Selecting both a role and team limits the eligible volunteers to those with that specific role within that specific team.

NB To make sure that only relevant users can see a task, you should always limit it by role and/or team, even if directly assigning it. If the volunteer chooses to leave the task, this further restriction will make sure that someone at the other end of the country, for example, doesn't take the task.


Bulk add tasks

You can also create and assign a task to a group of volunteers from the MyTeam page. This creates a task for each individual user. 

  • After you've created it, each task is put in a queue. Therefore, there may be a slight delay between your adding and them seeing in the task listing, depending on how many tasks you create at once.
  • Each task created will be the same. However, each task will be assigned to the associated user 


Please be aware that there is no way to delete tasks that have been bulk added by accident.


Micro-volunteering tasks

When creating a task, you can tick the option to make it a micro-volunteering task. You should restrict the task by role/team in the usual way.

The features of micro-volunteering tasks may also be useful for other kinds of tasks. This allows you to create a task that is open to multiple volunteers AND can be completed multiple times, rather than just once. It also provides a particularly streamlined process of completion for volunteers using the app to encourage speedy completion of micro-volunteering tasks without any specific outcomes being collected.

One task "template" will be created and all users with the matching role/team will be able to see the task and choose whether or not to take it.

When a user takes a micro-volunteering task, a new task is created for that user but the orginal task listing remains for others to see and take as well. This process will continue until the limit you have set is reached eg 500.

NB If the task owner completes a micro-volunteering task, this will close the task for all users.


As a task owner you are able to keep track of all of your tasks and their statuses in the Activities>Tasks screen. You will also get a notification about a task when:

  • The task is updated
  • A user is assigned to the task by another manager
  • A user assigns themselves to the task
  • The user assigned to the task leaves it
  • The task is completed
  • The task is cancelled by another manager
  • The micro-volunteering task reaches its number limit.

You are not notified of tasks reaching their due date. You can view these in the Tasks screen.

Please click here for detailed instructions on how to add and manage tasks.

Required permission(s)

  • Tasks:
    • Bulk create task
    • Assign task to others