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Open tasks

Assemble features a powerful and intuitive tasks module that allows users to create tasks for themselves and/or others to perform. This enables organisations to not only ensure that their users remain engaged with them but also to be able to accurately record and report on their activities. 

A user who has been assigned a task has the ability to record multiple activities they've carried out in order to complete that task. These activities can be on or span several days with no limits to the number of activities recorded. 

If the task's category has outcomes that need to be recorded, this information will also be collected at the completion of the task.

Within the tasks section, depending on your permissions, you may be able to:

  • Be assigned tasks
  • See a list of unassigned tasks and take them to complete yourself
  • Create a task for yourself

The tasks section is broken into multiple sub-sections:

All tasks

This will show all open tasks that you are or can be assigned to:

  1. Unassigned tasks that you are eligible to assign to yourself
  2. Tasks that have been assigned to you
  3. Tasks that you are the owner of, regardless of who it's assigned to.

Unassigned tasks

This will show all open but unassigned tasks that you are eligible to assign to yourself.

My tasks

This will show all open tasks that have been assigned to you or tasks that you are the owner of, regardless of who they are assigned to.

Take a task (assign to self)

To assign a task to yourself, which is also known as taking a task, click on any unassigned task. You will only be able to see tasks that are relevant to your role or team. Once you have read the details of the task and are happy that you will be able to carry it out, click the "Assign to me" button.

The task owner will be notified that you have taken the task.

Record activities

Once you have been assigned a task or taken one, you will be able to record activities against it. This lets you record, if you want to, everything you've done to complete that task. It's particularly useful if the task requires you to carry out multiple activities over a number of days. To add an activity, just press the "Add activity" button and follow the on-screen instructions.

All your past activities for this task will be shown to you below the "Add activity" button. They will also be visible in the Activities section with the hours you've spent being updated.

Leave a task

If you are no longer able to complete the task, click the "Leave task" button and you will no longer be notified about this task. All your recorded activities will be kept within the task so the next person assigned the task knows what's been done. Once you leave a task, the task owner will be automatically notified.

Complete a task

When you have completed the task, you can indicate this by clicking the "Complete" button. This will prompt you to enter your final activity for the task. Also, if the category of the task you are completing has outcomes that need to be recorded, you will be asked to provide this information. Please be aware that if the outcomes are compulsory, you will not be able to complete the task until you have provided this information.

Add new task for yourself

If you have permissions to do so, you can create tasks for yourself to complete.

To add a new task, click the "Add new task" button and you will be asked for the following basic details:

  • Category (same categories used in activities)
  • Priority (low, normal, high, urgent)
  • Due by / due on
  • Task title
  • Owner (defaults to the user setting up the task)

In addition to the above required information, you can also enter the following information when setting up a task:

  • Further description of the task
  • Location (specific address)




When a task due date has passed, the task itself is not automatically removed from the system. You should then cancel, extend or complete the task.