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by Matt Loughton

The events functionality is an excellent place for your organisation to invite and keep you informed on all the great activities they organise to support volunteering, e.g. volunteering training, meetings, conferences or events you may be interested in helping at etc. You may receive a direct invitation or be able to sign up to ones that have been opened to you and others.

Viewing events

On the event listing page, you will see all upcoming events that you are directly invited to, or are open to your team/role(s).


Click on any event to see further details.




Clicking "Decline" will decline your attendance for the entire event.

NB If an event is open to the whole organisation, you don't need to let anyone know if you want to decline the invitation, only if you accept.

If you look at the event location(s), you may see multiple locations or timeslots available. By clicking on each timeslot you will see further information, such as who else is attending and a link to a map location.


Accepting an invitation to attend

Once you have decided to attend a session, your accepted sessions and details will appear above the locations for easy access on the day. You also cancel your attendance at a session at any time from here.


When you are invited to an event, an entry will be added to your calendar, which you can also click on to view the details screen. When you have confirmed you will be attending a session, this will turn green. Where appropriate an activity will automatically be created for you after the event.

To manage attendance, some events will be set up with a waiting list. This may be to make sure that everyone has the chance to say if they want to attend. In this case, accepting the event invitation will place you on a waiting list for sessions you wish to attend. The event organiser can then communicate and let you know if you've got a confirmed place.   


If you need to contact the event organiser, you can send them an Assemble message directly by clicking the button found in the event details.