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by Adriana Oliveira

Assemble built-in Messaging Centre helps to keep all communications between your organisation and its volunteers in one place. It has most of the usual functionalities of an emailing system, e.g. mark as important, print etc. plus much more.


Select a message to reveal all actions menu

The permission held by your role controls this feature like any other in Assemble; your organisation sets these permissions; please contact them if you have any enquiry related to yours.

To access Assemble internal messaging (IM) click the envelope icon on the top menu available from any page in the application.

The New message shortcut will open up the composing message modal on the bottom right-hand corner of the page you are in. This modal has the same functionalities of the composing message screen you access from your Message Centre page by clicking the Compose new button.

Click the See all in message centre link at the bottom of the drop-down to access your IM inbox or click on any message.

Composing a new message

To add your message recipient on the "To" input field, start typing the name of the person to reveal the incremental search list with the names of the users you have access to, then you have to select the person name from the dropdown list to save it.


You will only have access to users within your team unless your role holds a high permission level.

Cc & Bcc fields are available by request, select them to reveal the input form field.

Click on top of “To”, “Cc” and “Bcc” to reveal the advanced search.

From the advanced search, you will have the option to add individual recipients, have access to Assemble or to send to an external email.

There are also options to send a bulk message to all users of teams and roles, but you will only see these options if you have the right permission.


Sending a message to an external email address

It's possible to send an email from Assemble to someone who doesn't have an active Assemble account; e.g. an applicant. To do so click on top of “To”, “Cc” and “Bcc” to reveal the advanced search, and select the external option from the drop-down.

When typing in the person’s email, Assemble will suggest some of the most used email domains.

External email addresses also need to be selected from the drop-down list to save them.


Saving a message 

The system will automatically save your message every 15 seconds. You will find the saved message in the "Drafts" folder.

Highlight to timeline 

The message will be added to senders' and recipients' timelines; Highlighted touchpoints don't have the delete touchpoint option. This feature is handy if you want to keep a record of communication between you and your team.

To highlight a message to timeline, select this option when composing a new message, or select this option from the More tab of an existing message.

Blocking users 

You need to have permission to block users, and the user you want to block also needs to have the "allow to be blocked" on. You can't email users you have blocked -- neither can they message you.

Click the More tab on a message received from the user you want to block and select the block/unblock option from the drop-down.

Required permission(s)

  • Message Centre:
    • Can block
    • Send new message
    • Send to hierarchies
    • Send to roles
    • Send external
    • Receive external
    • Highlight to timeline