Who can I see in the Directory?

Last Updated:
by Adriana Oliveira

By default, you should see in your directory all users in your team (same hierarchy location). All users you are named manager or direct line supervisor of, and their favourite people.

Only users who hold a volunteer role can edit their Appear in volunteer directory option. This option is enabled by default to all applicants/cleared volunteers.

If you have the right permission1 you can search for any user within your organisation, and might also have the permission2 to include in your search results users who have excluded themselves from the directory.

If a user has a Preferred name, this is what will appear in the directory. However, you can search for the person's first name on the contextual search page.

Use the "Team" and "Skills and Interests" filters to find users with specific attributes.

  Required permission(s)

  • User settings:
    • Search directory1
    • Ex-directory override2