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by Wendy Halley

Sometimes you may need to add an application on behalf of an applicant. Perhaps because they're not confident using online forms or, more commonly, because they've completed a paper application form.

Assemble allows managers with the relevant permission to add all or part of an application on behalf of an applicant.


Applications made by supervisors cannot be cleared until the applicant (with an email address) has agreed to the terms and consents in the online application.

How to add an application

Find the opportunity for which you want to add an application and go to the Edit Opportunity screen - by clicking into the opportunity from the listing screen or using the search function.

On the opportunity page, scroll down to the Applications panel and click Add new application.Screen_Shot_2018-08-02_at_11.57.15.jpg

Type the applicant's email address. Assemble will search if there's an existing volunteer record or closed/cleared application and use the information from it to fill in the form. If they don't have an email address, type their full name and Assemble will search using the name - although this is not as accurate so do use the email address if they have one.


If there is no matching record or application, click on Create application for new volunteer.

If there is a matching user record or application click on it, Assemble will pre-fill the applicant basic information for you.

Before completing the application check that you have the right person, e.g. John Smith in Guildford instead of Bradford. If you get the wrong individual, just click cancel and start again.

Complete as much of the form as you can, taking the information from the applicant directly or copying it from a paper form. All of the mandatory fields on the application form must be completed at some point before the applicant can become a volunteer but you don't have to do that at this point if it's not appropriate.

What happens next?

If the applicant has an email address, they will receive an email titled ‘Complete your application’, so that they can check that everything is correct, fill in any missing information and confirm their application including agreeing to the terms and consents.

TIP - this is a great way to get applications from walk-ins if you're in a charity shop or similar. Just adding the email address and name is enough. You can then skip through the whole of the application form and Assemble will send the applicant a link to complete the online form. More people complete the form this way than just asking them to go onto the website, find the opportunity and apply for it.

Completing the application

You won't be able to clear this application until the applicant completes the process. This could simply be agreeing to the terms and conditions, adding referee details or any other missing information on their application. Assemble will send a reminder email with the link a week later if it’s not been completed.

You can also resend the email from the application screen at any time if necessary.

You will be notified when the applicant completes their application. You can also check on the application history if the applicant has already completed the application form.

NB This completion step is not required for applicants without an email address. You should make sure that you have collected the relevant consent on a paper form or other way agreed by your organisation.

  Required permission(s)

  • Recruitment & vetting:
    • Create application