On-boarding codes

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by Wendy Halley

On-boarding codes offer the ability to quickly capture existing volunteers into the system. Moving the administration task of checking, validating and entering volunteer data from the central team to the volunteers, verified by their line manager.

This can prove especially useful where electronic records either do not exist, or are not considered reliable. On-boarding codes can be easily shared as an electronic link, or a printed code to be entered on the sign-in page.

The use of on-boarding codes can replace or complement data imports depending on the specific situation. They are not mutually exclusive, but care needs to be taken to avoid duplication of records.

On-boarding codes should not be used for new volunteers, but for existing volunteers during an on-boarding period. Use of Max signups, Expiry dates for codes and Removal of the permission once the initial load is complete is recommended.

Access/manage On-boarding codes

On-boarding is available from the hover menu on "My Team". Managers will need the Create onboarding codes permission to be able to create or view these. They will also need the permission to Add new volunteer in order to verify and complete a volunteer's onboarding.

Within the onboarding page you will see all previous codes and their status. Select an existing code in order to manage applications, expire or delete them. New codes can be added via the ‘Add new code’ button.

Create a new code

On-boarding is linked to a specific team. You should have a different code for each team location you wish volunteers to on-board to, as well as their specific supervisor(s) who will be notified as volunteers sign up.

Max signups will expire the code, preventing further sign-ups once that number of volunteers have been through the process.

Expiry will prevent signups after the specified date by volunteers.

Management page

The management page gives a high level overview, including how many responses a code has. To manage sign-ups or make any changes to a code simply click it from the list:

The management page for a specific code includes the code (for printed media) as well as an electronic link. Along with the basic configuration used to create the code.

From this page you can expire a code immediately (preventing further signups, but leaving the pending / created users information available), or delete a code entirely.

Manage Pending Signups

When a volunteer signup is completed, the supervisor will get a notification which will link back to the onboarding screen.

Pending sign ups are shown on the top right as a list. For recognised volunteers select ‘Add’ to be taken directly to create new volunteer wizard with their supplied data pre-entered. If not recognised, press ‘Delete’ to remove the application.

Once added, the successful signups will be shown in the on-boarding page on the bottom list. Allowing easy tracking by a manager of who has signed up so they can chase any that are outstanding.

Sharing a code

The link given within an onboarding code can be copied to email, instant message or any other electronic communication and shared with your volunteers. Clicking the link will take volunteers directly to the data capture page, (see "Data Captured" below).


If you wish to share via a poster, letter or other non-electronic methods the code can also be manually entered from the main login screen. Select “Have a signup code” just above the Next/Login button. Or you can include the generic link on your media: https://app.goassemble.com/signup which will directly prompt for an on-boarding code:

When sharing an onboarding code is recommended to also include the following links to Assemble support articles for new users: