User card

Last Updated:
by Wendy Halley

In some places you'll see a user card displayed when you hover over a user's name that's displayed as a blue link. This feature is currently available on some dashboard widgets, the task history logs, rota day view and event manager's view. It is particularly valuable for organisations using the on-call functionality with tasks.

The options you can see and use under the Actions dropdown will depend on your permissions, and in some cases, the permissions given to the volunteer. Put simply - Assemble won't let you do something that you aren't meant to be able to! For example, you must have the Assign task to others permission and the user must have the Assign to a task permission for you to be able to see the task option there.

If a user is currently on-call, a green triangle will appear in the top right corner of the card; hovering over it will display the remaining time the user is available.

If a user already has assigned tasks that are due today, a yellow dot will display next to the user name. Clicking on the dot will redirect you to the task listing page filtered by the assignee.

Click here for more information on creating tasks and assigning to others.