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by Wendy Halley

The My team screen shows you a complete list of volunteers that you have manager access over, whether as their named manager, a named supervisor or due to being above them in the team structure (known as a hierarchical manager). There are powerful filters here giving you access to bulk actions, with the relevant permissions, including the ability to export user records.

Many reports or widgets on the Dashboard will include the button to View in My team  which will take you to the list with the relevant filters pre-set for you. You can also click My team in the left-hand menu to view the listing at any time. The filters will be pre-set to include users with all of the active statuses when you view the screen in this way. You can then set your own filters.

Please contact your organisation if you have any questions about your permissions.

Each user is displayed on a separate row and clicking anywhere on the row will open their user record. There's also an Actions button which allows you to add a task, recognition or send a message, through Assemble's built-in message system, to that user without opening their user record.

TIP Right-clicking your mouse and selecting "Open in new tab" lets you keep the My team list open, including filters you've set, whilst you look at an individual user in a separate tab. This makes it quicker to go back to the listing than using your browser's back button.

Bulk actions

In addition to the individual actions for each user, there are also a set of bulk actions that can be performed against a group of selected users. You may not have access to all of these, depending on the permissions that your organisation has given to you. These will not be shown until you've selected at least one user by ticking the checkbox next to their name. To select all of the (filtered) volunteers being shown, click the check box in the title row. This selects all volunteers on the first screen and gives you the option to click a link to select all volunteers on subsequent screens too.

The following bulk actions are possible, depending on permissions, from My team:

  • Export selected users
  • Send Welcome email
  • Add recognition
  • Add touchpoint
  • Add tasks
  • Invite to event
  • Send message 

Create volunteer

If you have the relevant permission to create a volunteer record manually (without use of the application process) click the "Create a volunteer" button. Clicking the arrow drop-down on the button reveals the option for creating a non-volunteer user record.

  Required permission(s)

  • Super admin:
    • Perform bulk actions 
    • Export all user data
    • Bulk create task