My team - listing page

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by Adriana Oliveira

This is the page you will see when selecting "My team" on the side menu or are redirected from the Dashboard - volunteers widget or from user's reports.

Coming from the dashboard or any other page the appropriate filters should be applied, so you might have a different view from the one you see when directly selecting the "My team" on the side menu. 

This page is also highly driven by the permission your role holds, e.g. you might not see the On-call filter if you don't have the permission to see other users on-call status, or non-volunteers if you don't have permission to manage non-volunteers. 

Please contact your organisation if you have any enquiries regarding your permissions.

In the "Action" drop-down you will find a set of shortcuts to perform actions without leaving the page, e.g. Send messages using Assemble built-in message system

In addition to the individual actions that can be done to a user individually, there are also a set of bulk actions that can be performed against a group of selected users, depending on your role permissions.

From the listing page, you can perform the following bulk actions, to see all the bulk actions options select one or more user. 

  • Export selected users
  • Add recognition
  •  Add touchpoint
  • Add tasks
  • Send message 

Please be aware that bulk action items obey logged user permissions. 

Select the "Create a volunteer" button if you wish to add a new volunteer to the system without having to go through the recruitment process.

  Required permission(s)

  • Super admin:
    • Perform bulk actions 
    • Export all user data
    • Bulk create task