Ending volunteer roles

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by Wendy Halley

Volunteers may have one role or multiple roles. As a leisure-time activity, volunteers will frequently want to stop carrying out one or all of them, for many different reasons. Assemble enables volunteers or managers to end a volunteer's role in their record in the browser version of Assemble. Volunteers cannot leave their role(s) via the app. However, in most cases, volunteers will contact their manager direct to let them know they're leaving and the manager will initiate and complete the leaving process.

There are two stages to ending a volunteer's role: leaving the role and the leaving review form.

Starting the leaving process

Go to the Roles & Responsibilities tab on the user record and click the Leave role link. The Leave role window will open.


  1. Select the role or roles that the volunteer will be leaving. The team that the role is part of is also displayed to make sure the correct role is selected.
  2. From the drop-down list of reasons, select the one that is closest to the reason why the volunteer is leaving. If you're closing multiple roles with different leaving reasons, you should close them individually.
  3. Complete the question Would you like to mark volunteer_name as unsuitable for organisation_name? By default, this is set to No. You should only change this to yes if the user should not be allowed to volunteer or work for the organisation. Do not select Yes for any other reason. If in doubt, please ask your Assemble administrator.
  4. If you are not the named manager for the volunteer, you can choose to get a notification sent to them. This lets them know that the volunteer is leaving and asks them to complete the leaver's form.
  5. Click the button to Start the leaving process.
  6. The leaving form will be automatically generated, ready for completion, unless it has been turned off for a specific opportunity.

Volunteers with managerial responsibilities

Initiating the leaving process for a user who has responsibilities will display a warning message and you won’t be able to complete the leaving form until the responsibilities are removed.

Volunteers with managerial responsibilities and more than one role

Responsibilities, like managing others, are assigned to users themselves and not just to a specific role of a user. As long as a user remains active (if they still have another role) Assemble will not provide a warning or prevent you from setting the user as leaving a role. If there may be role-specific responsibilities, you should check the user's record and transfer them.

Also, if the user is leaving all their roles and the leaving date is set for today or in the future, the system won’t block you to set the volunteer to leave the last role without transferring the responsibilities, as technically the person still has another open role.


  • You will not see a Leaver's Form if the leaving reason is Deceased
  • If a named manager of a role changes and there is a pending review against the role, the manager review notification will be transferred to the new manager, who should receive the actionable notification to complete it. And the old manager should no longer see the manager review notification.

Inactive users

As soon as the user has no active roles they will be automatically set as inactive, and won't have access to Assemble. Once inactive, only managers with the permission to manage inactive users will be able to find or view their record. This includes the ability to see the Leaver's Form.

Leaving reasons

A standard list of leaving reasons is built into Assemble. These cannot be customised for your organisation but you may have specific guidance on when to use each. The reasons to choose from are:

  • Employment
  • Education
  • Moving away
  • Volunteering elsehwere
  • Family commitments
  • Volunteer role ended
  • Role not what I expected
  • No longer enjoy it
  • Want a change
  • Role is too much work
  • Required to leave - Problem Solving (safeguarding)
  • Required to leave - Problem Solving
  • Removed at audit
  • Left during/after problem solving
  • Capability
  • Deceased
  • Unhappy with the charity
  • Team closed
  • Health/fitness/well-being

Volunteers initiating their own leaving process cannot see the following options:

  • Required to leave - Problem Solving (safeguarding)
  • Required to leave - Problem Solving
  • Removed at audit
  • Left during/after problem solving
  • Capability
  • Deceased
  • Team closed


  Required permission(s)

  • Supervisory permissions:
    • Start leaving process 
    • Cancel leaving process