Introduction to analytics

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by Wendy Halley

Assemble has many reports built in to help you manage volunteering within your team and organisation. Most allow you to apply various filters as well as sort the on-screen lists using the column headers. In addition, many will also provide additional information through other linked screens and the ability to view the records in My Team.

For more detailed reporting, graphs, pivot tables and charts, the Export option enables you to view the data in Excel or another spreadsheet program.


  • Due to the sensitivity of the diversity information being collected, it is not possible for managers, administrators or DutySheet (Assemble) to be able to see the diversity information provided by any user. It's also not possible to identify who has or has not completed these details. The reports do include a statistic on completion rates so that further communication with all volunteers can encourage them to add this information via their user profile.
  • Applicants are not counted as users so are not included in the diversity reports - only those who are volunteers are included.
  • When a volunteer leaves, their diversity information is retained to enable you to provide historic and comparative reports.