User skills report

Last Updated:
by Wendy Halley


To provide an list of skills and languages with a list of volunteers offering them. The initial screen provides a count of those with and without each skill or language

Filters available

  • Status eg Active, On-hold etc
  • Teams
  • Roles

Sort available

  • Name of skill/language
  • Category of skill/language
  • Number With skill/language
  • Number Without skill/language

NB Without skill or language indicates the number who have not ticked this as one they offer. They may not have entered any skill and your organisation may not have given them permission to do this.

Links available

  • Click on the numbers with/without to go to the detailed view showing the relevant list of volunteers
  • View in My Team – Yes, from the detailed view


There are two exports available:

Count of skills:

  • Skill ID; Name of skill; Category of skill; Number with skill; Number without skill

Volunteers by skill (from detailed view)

  • User ID; Name