Expense claims approval

Last Updated:
by Craig Braisby

Approval is an optional step and only applies if enabled by the system administrator. If disabled claims will go directly to the finance team for review with no approval step in Assemble.

Submitting expenses for approval will trigger a notification to the named supervisor. Supervisors can view claims awaiting approval at any time from 'Expenses\Waiting my approval' or for their team via 'Assigned to my team'. 

Awaiting approval

All claims waiting approval are listed with a summary of the claim. From the list view the only available option is view as approval or rejection of a claim must be completed within the claim. 

Viewing the claim will show all the related line items, totals and notes with the number of attached documents (as a link where one or more are attached). Click the number shown below 'Attached documents' to download/view. 

Approving a claim: To approve a claim the supervisor must agree to the submission terms (set by the system admin) by selecting the tick box, after which the approve button will be enabled. On approval the claim will be passed to the finance team for payment. 

Rejecting a claim: Rejecting will prompt for a reason which will be passed back to the volunteer and the claim closed. The line items will return to the volunteers unclaimed expenses area so they can modify and re-submit as a new claim.

Awaiting submission

Where the default system is in place for submissions to finance all claims will be emailed immediately on approval. If items have been delayed in submission or an alternate method is in place approved items not yet passed to finance will be listed here.