Time in stage (recruitment) report

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by Wendy Halley


To provide key statistics for the length of time in the recruitment process to different roles and team enabling you to identify bottlenecks and maintain a high velocity.

A summary table, showing data by role profile or by team, provides the following information:

  • Applications made (count)
  • Average process time – days (count)
  • Longest application - days (count)
  • Shortest application – days (count)


  • Role (title); applications (count); total time (average number of days); application (average number of days at stage); selection (average number of days at stage); checks (average number of days at stage); clearance (average number of days at stage)

Filters available

  • Teams
  • Roles
  • Date (range)

Sort available

  • None

Links available

  • None
  • View in My Team – No (not applicable)


  • Role profile ID; count (number of applications); minTotal (fewest days); average total (average days); max total (most days); average application (days at stage); average selection (days at stage); average checks (days at stage); average clearance (days at stage); role profile name


The time in stage report will not match the applications count found in the opportunities report or in the Recruitment>Applications screen in Assemble. These count total applications at the point of the application being made but the time in stage report requires an application to complete stages in order to be counted.