Outcomes (activities) report

Last Updated:
by Wendy Halley


To provide an overview of activity outcomes with a summary of all quantifiable outcomes.

Filters available

  • Categories (activity)
  • Teams
  • Roles
  • Date (range)

There's also the option to Display Identifiers (team, role or user IDs)

Sort available

  • Name
  • Category (activity)
  • Owner (of activity)
  • Date (of activity completion)

Links available

  • Click on the owner name to go to the user record
  • Click on the link for activities linked to a task to View Task
  • View in My Team – No


  • Activity ID; activity name; activity start date; activity start time; activity end date; activity end time; acitivity duration (minutes); activity category; team; activity owner (user name); activity owner ID (user ID); created (activity creation date and time); activity type (opportunity, shift, event, activity(ad hoc), task); event ID; event session date, event start time, event end time, event min attendees, event max attendees, opportunity ID, opportunity sublocation timeslot ID, task ID, task date, task status ID, task priority ID, task category ID, task owner ID, task date type (due by/on), task title, shift ID, shift user ID, shift team ID, shift rota team ID, shift group ID, shift start, shift end, shift attended (yes=1; no=0)