Touchpoints report

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by Wendy Halley


To provide a list of touchpoints added to users over a specific period enabling volunteering teams to monitor manager-level engagement with touchpoints by volunteer team and role.

This report was developed to a specific customer’s requirements. It does not show volunteers who have not had a touchpoint added.

Included user fields

Email address, phone number, address, emergency contact and date of birth are core data fields that many organistions want to collect for all volunteers. These are included in the Missing Data report.

All of your organisation’s custom fields are also included. Those that have not been restricted by role will appear on the initial screen. For those that have been restricted by role, you should use the role filter. Ticking for all volunteer roles will show all of your organisation’s custom fields.

Only users with permissions to view specific custom fields will be able to see those fields in the missing data report. Clicking on the numbers in the Collected and Missing/Invalid columns will open the detailed view of those specific users.

Filters available

  • Type (of touchpoint eg Telephone call)
  • Teams
  • Date (range

Sort available

  • Subject (of touchpoint)
  • Name (of volunteer)
  • Created by (name of manager who added the touchpoint)
  • Date (date that the touchpoint was added)
  • Team (of volunteer)

Links available

  • User names (volunteer and manager records)
  • View in My Team – No


Touchpoint ID; Subject; User ID; Name; Manager’s ID (touchpoint creator); Manager’s name (touchpoint creator); Date and time added; Team ID of volunteer’s primary role; Team name of volunteer’s primary role

Please Note

The date range selector will find touchpoints with a date in that range, regardless of the date the touchpoint was actually created. The date displayed on the report is the date the touchpoint was created.