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Assemble allows you to place yourself "on hold" for up to six months at a time eg if you're expecting a long recuperation after being in hospital. This allows you to let your organisation know if you're going to be unavailable for a specific period of time. Ideally though, you should always speak with your manager first.

Click on the "Edit" link next to your current status (active on default) and then tick the checkbox to indicate you are going to be on hold and select the desired dates. 

You must also choose whether or not you want to be contacted during your absence period. If you say that you don't wish to be contacted, you won't receive any auto-notifications or messages from Assemble.

At the end date, Assemble will automatically remove you from being on hold, but you can cancel this at any time too simply by unticking the box here.


Please note that your manager(s) will be sent a notification to let them know that you've gone on hold.

Contact preferences

Appear in volunteer directory - If ticked, you will be discoverable by other volunteers using the Directory pages. They will not see your contact details but will be able to send you a message.

Appear in "Near me" - Allows other volunteers to know that you live within 20-mile radius of them. Don't worry, it will never reveal your specific location to any other volunteer.

Contact details

Here you can view, amend and update your phone number, postal address, email address and emergency contacts.

To modify your contact details, click on the "Edit" button. (or "Click here" link if you haven't added one yet).

Click the "Add another..." link if you want to store more information, e.g. additional email address or phone number.

If you add multiple email addresses or phone numbers, press the "Make primary" to indicate which one is your primary.

To remove individual items, click the remove link

When you are finished making changes, press the "Save & Close" button.


The postcode lookup functionality - To edit or add a postal address enter your postcode and then select the correct address, you can amend any detail afterwards if necessary.

If you cannot find your address, click the "Manual entry" to enter details manually.

Can't save my changes - If a mandatory field is not entered or is not formatted correctly, Assemble will highlight them to you, correct your details and press save again, make sure you are adding correct international format when adding overseas numbers.


Primary contact details cannot be removed. They can only be modified.