Download the Assemble App

Last Updated:
by Adriana Oliveira

For mobile optimised access to Volunteer features in Assemble you can download Assemble's free app.

Login to the app with your Assemble credentials to start enjoying on the move access to your news, messaging, events and more. See Getting started with the Assemble app for more information. 

The Assemble app is available on both android devices through the play store and iPhones from the appstore. Click the link below to be taken direct to the generic app: 

  Google Play Link Logo Apple appstore logo link

Some organisations have a branded version of the Assemble app which you can find by clicking the links at the bottom of Assemble when you are logged in, by searching the relevant online store or speaking with your manager to get a link. 

Branded apps offer all the same features as the generic app but match in with your organisation colours and logo.