Last Updated:
by Bulent Yazici

Universal search

The top menu bar of Assemble features a powerful universal search engine that can be accessed from any section of the Assemble website. 


Depending on your role/permissions within your organisation, the universal search will perform a high-level search in the following sections:

  • Your messages (only the subject is searched)
  • News
  • Document hub (file metadata)
  • Tasks
  • Events
  • Applicants*
  • Users*
  • Teams*
  • Opportunities*

* indicates supervisory functionality

As you start typing your search word, you will see results will start to appear below the search box. Although you will only see the top six results displayed for each section, pressing the "View All" link next to each section heading, will show you more results within the section you're interested in.

Note: You do not need to use wildcard characters such as ? or *.

Contextual search

In certain sections such as Message Centre, Document Hub, you will find a contextual search.  The contextual search performs a more in-depth search of the section you are currently in. 


You will find the contextual search box next to the section heading and in certain cases, you can apply filters to the search results.