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by Bulent Yazici

To help you find what you need, Assemble has an easy to use search built into the website version of Assemble. (It's not currently available in the app).

Please note, this is a word-based search so do not use questions or full sentences to search. There is also no wild-card option, like * or ? in place of letters.

Quick search

The easiest way to search is to use the one in the top menu bar of Assemble. You'll see wherever you are in Assemble so it's always available to help you.


As you start to type a word, Assemble will begin looking for you. The more letters of the word you type, the more precise the results are but it's a good idea to keep looking at what Assemble is finding as you'll often find what you're looking for without typing the whole word.

When you see the relevant item you're looking for, just click on it and Assemble will take you straight to the item.

It's a powerful search tool because it looks through lots of different parts of Assemble. Some of these will depend on whether you can use these or have the permissions for them but here's a summary of what Assemble will search when you type a word:

  • Messages - the title of messages in your Message Centre
  • News - title and the article itself
  • Document hub - title and the description of the resource
  • Tasks - the title and description in the task
  • Events - title

In addition, if you've got manager-level access Assemble will also search:

  • Applicants* - name
  • Users* - first name, surname, preferred name, email address, custom fields (if indexed)
  • Teams* - team name
  • Opportunities* - title, including supplementary title

Viewing results

Up to six results will be shown under each heading. If you want to look at more than one, just click View All next to the relevant heading.

NB If six results are shown under the relevant heading, always click View All or you won't see the other results.

Specific search

Many pages, such as Message Centre, News, Document Hub etc, you'll see another search field. This "contextual search"  will only search within the type of category shown. So it will only search messages in the message centre, news when you're on the news page and so on.


This contextual search is particularly useful when you may have set some filters in a screen and want to search just in that set of records rather than across the whole of Assemble. This mainly applies to managers, and particularly in the MyTeam screen where multiple filters can be applied before then searching for a specific user.