Searching the document hub

Last Updated:
by Adriana Oliveira

The document hub allows your organisation to make resources available to you to help with your volunteering role, e.g. briefings, films, posters, forms etc.

You can browse through the files and folders to find something of interest or search from both the universal search or the context search in the document hub. When searching the system checks both file titles and descriptions to help you locate what you need. 

From the file list you can mark a file as a favourite (or not) by clicking on the small star on the left of the line. This will add a link back to the file in your favourites list so you can quickly return. You can also favourite from the file details page.

Clicking on a file will open its detail page, showing you the name, a thumbnail, description of the file and other basic information.

To view the file in your browser click on the thumbnail or related action ('watch' in example below). You can also download the file locally to open in another application or edit as the document hub is read only. 

If you don't have time to review the full file you can set a reminder which will send you an alert in Assemble to return at a later date.

Clicking 'Close' will return you to the file listing. 


Access to files is set by your organisation based on role, team and other factors so you may find you can see different files to others.

If you have supervisor or admin permissions you will also be able to add files to the hub, please see Adding files to the document hub for more details.