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by Adriana Oliveira

With Assemble's built-in messaging functionality, you can contact other users within your organisation. You may also be able to send emails to external users if you have been given permissions in Assemble to do this.

View messages

To see your messages, click the envelope icon on the top menu available from any page. This will list the most recent messages you've received, which you can click on to read.


To see the full message centre, click  "See all in Message Centre".


Once you access the message centre itself, you can see your inbox, sent items, drafts and deleted messages. 

You can also search using the contextual search functionality. Please be aware that because your messages are encrypted, Assemble is only able to search the subject and sender fields.


As well as labelling your messages, you will also have many of the functionalities you may know from an emailing system, e.g. reply, mark as important, print, etc.



Labels allow you to group your messages together using categories and colours that you set.

Create a label

To create a new label click "Manage" next to LABELS. Type in the label name you'd like to create eg Meetings and select a colour. You can choose one of the colours shown or click on Custom to select your favourite colour or shade.

You can create as many labels as you wish.


Add a label to a message

You can apply labels to your messages either from your inbox by selecting the message(s) and then clicking the "Labels" menu option that appears on top of your inbox.

Viewing message by label

When in you're viewing the Message Centre you will now see the coloured labels in the left-hand menu. Simply click on the label name or colour and Assemble will only show you messages which have that label added to them. Just click clear to view all messages again.