Claiming expenses

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by Craig Braisby

To claim expenses, individual line items are added to the users unclaimed expenses list. From here one or more can be grouped into a claim which is passed to the users managers for approval (if enabled). Finally, approved expense claims are passed to the organisation finance team to action.

Assemble does not complete actual payments or hold user financial details, handling the claim process only. The organisations finance will complete any required payments outside of Assemble.

Adding expense line items

Adding an expense line item does not submit it to the manager/organisation. This will not occur until it is submitted as a claim (next section).


Mileage is a special expense type, allowing calculation of related payments for car or other transport based on miles travelled. Selecting mileage will prompt for the related mileage rate (defined by the system administrator). 

Distance: Number of miles travelled, this will be automatically multiplied by the mileage rate to calculate the payment amount.

Passengers (if applicable): Number of passengers who shared the journey. If an additional passenger payment has been set by the organisation the total will be calculated based on miles travelled and number of passengers. 

Date: Date the journey was completed. (Not the date of submitting the claim).

Description: Complete as per organisations guidelines detailing trip and purpose.

Attachments: Receipts are not normally applicable to mileage claims but supporting information can be attached where applicable. 

Non mileage

Other expense types are defined by the organisation. Questions on types and their definition should be raised with a line manager.

Date: Date expense was incurred. (Not the date of submitting the claim)

Description: Complete as per organisations guidelines detailing the expense.

Amount: Value of the expense to claim.

Attachments: Receipt or other supporting documents related to the expense. 

Unclaimed expenses

Expense line items are shown in unclaimed expenses before submission, each line giving a summary of the expense. From this view a user can directly submit all line items or select individual rows to submit a subset.

For each line item the actions menu will allow submission of the single line item, edit or delete the expense.

Submitting an expense claim

To submit a claim, select the related items from the unclaimed expenses and click 'Create claim' or 'Claim All'. The system will show you a summary of the expense items in the claim:

Notes: Add additional notes to the approver on the overall claim. Notes for individual expense items should be completed on the line item directly.

Authorisation (optional): If organisation has enabled approval by supervisor, the option to select which supervisor the expense should be sent to will be displayed.

Submission declaration: To create a claim the user must confirm acceptance of the submission declaration by ticking the box. The 'Create claim' button is disabled until this is complete.

Creating a claim will inform the supervisor (if applicable) that approval is required. The claim will move to the users 'Previous claims' where the user can track approval.

Previous Claims

Previous claims allows access to historical claims and displays the status of active claims. 


Awaiting approval: Awaiting manager/supervisor approval.

Approved: Expense has been passed to the finance team and is no longer being tracked by Assemble.

Rejected: A rejected claim by a supervisor remains on 'Previous claims' for reference only. Expense line items from the rejected claim will return to the 'Unclaimed expenses' allow a user to modify and resubmit as a new claim.