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by Craig Braisby

Markdown is a way of writing in plain text but being able to add formatting such as bold or italic.

Within Assemble, markdown compatible fields include a toolbar to insert the related plain text 'code' to assist users unfamiliar with the format. Markdown can be typed directly into the text if preferred.


Formatting is not displayed in the edit dialog but will be shown when the item is saved and viewed. Examples of markdown and the related format are shown below.

Markdown/edit view Example/formatted view
# Heading 1
## Heading 2
### Heading 3
#### Heading 4
**I'm bold**
*I'm italic*
- Bullet List
- Bullet list

1. Number List
2. Number List
I'm a [link]( to the Assemble homepage General__Markdown__Link.png
> I'm a quote General__Markdown__Quote.png
Code `a code snippet` General__Markdown__Code.png
![A Picture on the web]( General__Markdown__Image.png