Getting Started

  • Welcome to Assemble

    What is Assemble? Assemble is a volunteering management application, with everything you need for your volu...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Signup & Log in

    Signup code  If your organisation has given you a signup code, all you have to do is go to https://app.goas...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Forgotten password

    If you have forgotten your password go to and enter your email addres...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • My Assemble account is inactive

    If you have left all your roles within your organisation, or if your role has reached its end date, your ac...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Search

    Universal search The top menu bar of Assemble features a powerful universal search engine that can be acces...

    Bulent Yazici

My Profile

  • Update my details

    You can view and amend your details at any time. To access your details, log in to Assemble, click your pho...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Skills & Interests

    To update your skills and interests, press the "Skills and Interests" tab, and then select/unselect the app...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Update contact information

    Status Assemble allows you to place yourself "on hold" for up to six months at a time; This is your way of ...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Roles & responsibilities

    This section displays your role(s), start date(s), manager and if appropriate, the end date of your role. Y...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Password & privacy

    Privacy and consent You can update your privacy settings and consent at any time. Occasionally, your organi...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Recognitions

    Recognitions allows your organisation to say "thank you" for the time and effort you have put in to help th...

    Adriana Oliveira
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  • Rota

    Rota is a powerful tool to help you and your team to effectively manage your volunteering hours, giving you...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Tasks

    Open tasks Assemble features a powerful and intuitive tasks module that allows users to create tasks for th...

    Bulent Yazici
  • Events

    The events functionality is an excellent place for your organisation to invite and keep you informed on all...

    Matt Loughton
  • My activities

    Assemble allows you to record activities within your organisation. In its most basic form, activities consi...

    Adriana Oliveira

Message Centre

  • My messages

    With Assemble's built-in messaging functionality, you can contact other users within your organisation. You...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Composing a new message

    Selecting the "New message" button on the top left of the message-centric drop-down will open up the compos...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Message logs

    Select the "Sent" folder and click in the message you want to see the logs. In the "More" drop-down select ...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Setting out of office

    If you have changed your status to temporarily unavailable in the contacts tab in your "User details" page,...

    Adriana Oliveira


  • News

    Assemble news pages are an essential communication tool for your organisation to keep you informed of all t...

    Adriana Oliveira


  • Claiming expenses

    To claim expenses, individual line items are added to the users unclaimed expenses list. From here one or m...

    Craig Braisby

Document Hub

  • Searching the document hub

    The document hub allows your organisation to make resources available to you to help with your volunteering...

    Adriana Oliveira


  • Keep in touch with other volunteers

    From the directory, you can contact other volunteers within your team if they have the "Appear in volunteer...

    Adriana Oliveira

Assemble app

  • Getting started with the Assemble app

    While it is possible to access Assemble from a phone or tablet using the web browser, there is a dedicated ...

    Adriana Oliveira
  • Download the Assemble App

    For mobile optimised access to Volunteer features in Assemble you can download Assemble's free app. Login t...

    Adriana Oliveira


  • Markdown

    Markdown is a way of writing in plain text but being able to add formatting such as bold or italic. Within ...

    Craig Braisby