Public site branding (optional)

by Craig Braisby

Optional Feature

This article is for customers who have purchased branding of Assemble.
To discuss branding your Assemble platform please contact our sales team.

Branding of Assemble's public facing web pages is based off your existing web presence. Giving a seamless visual experience as applicants move from your web site to the Assemble platform and back.

Branding can include your own version of the Assemble App, branded with your colours/logo and listed on the appstores under your organisations name and logo based icon.

Web Branding: Page Types

To complete branding the development team will need an example per type of page below. The team will brand the recruitment search pages, opportunities, application forms and related portals for the applicants, guardians and referees all of which share a 'wizard' format based on your guidance.

Branding is not completed on the core product used by volunteers once recruited as well as managers and system admins. Customisation in the core product allows setting of email colours for alerts and your logo in the top navigation bar and downloaded PDF's to ensure the system continues to reflect your organisation.

Please click on the example images below for each page type to see the default look and feel:



Example Page
Hero Page: Search landing page with 2 more recent opportunities shown. Option to overlay search on a supplied image and adjust look/number of recent opportunities shown.
Search Results (Grid): Sizes of the elements, colours and layout can be adjusted. Includes options to switch grid/list results + show advanced options. Default view is grid, option to make list or lock to either view by removing switch view button.
Search Results (List): Alternate view option.
Advanced_Search.png Search Results (Advanced): Advanced search options are fixed (in terms of options) but examples of other similar form elements (Check box, drop down selection box, opening panels, etc.) should be supplied.
Details Page: Details of an opportunity, main layout is fixed 3 column as are elements shown as these are key to operation of the platform.
Wizard: Main wizard page, colours, style of step buttons, back next buttons and fonts can all be adjusted. Applicant portal, application, guardian consent and reference requests all follow the same design, only steps shown differ.
Wizard (Error States): Colours for normal, selected and error states should be supplied.
Portal: View for applicant when not in an active wizard, based on wizard look and feel.

Header/Footer/Menus: Menus are a common cause of changes with branding, so it is key to decide on the menu layout you wish to use. If no preference is given we will default to copying the full menu as shown on your main website.

Login Button: Another element to consider for the header / footer space is where to place a 'Login' button to allow volunteers and applicants to access Assemble.

App: Branding for the Assemble app requires details of font family, colours and logo (for icon and loading screen). Layouts are fixed.


Branding is a collaboration between Assemble professional services, your web/marketing team & existing website for source code / CSS. The bullet points below cover the main risks to successful branding:

  • Branding is a one time build, if you brand changes during or after the build then this will incur additional services costs.
    • If you are involved in a re-branding exercise during the implementation you will need to decide between:
      • Branding 'as is' and re-branding at a later point once things are stable (which would incur additional cost)
      • Delaying the start of your branding until the new brand is released and stable.
    • A common change is menu bars, a potential workaround to minimise changes is to use headings only (without sub sections) and avoid any 'seasonal' elements in the Assemble site menus.
  • Brand guidelines are useful for reference but need to be accompanied by a design brief which links to the Assemble page types listed later in this document. Covering details such as which colours to use, preferred layouts, etc.
  • Assemble cannot 'create' look and feel from scratch, branding costings are based on the time to modify existing assets to work with Assemble. Mock up images are useful to show concepts but they need to be accompanied by actual examples of the layout / idea in use on your website.
  • You may wish to have specific new images for the Assemble site, for example behind the hero page search and time to source these should be factored in.
  • App branding requires high quality logo images (1024x1024) to give the best experience on high resolution phones and meet the guidance issued by the appstore.