Time on stage (SLAs)

by Adriana Oliveira

Assemble recruitment set-up allows organisations to decide for how long an application should be sitting in a stage before flagging to the application manager that an action/decision is required.

The system default SLAs are as follow:

Referee without an email address SLA will be flagged as soon as the application hits the check stage.

Stage Ideal (days) Max (days)
Application 2 4
Selection 7 14
Checks 21 28
Clarence 2 3

Once an application reaches the ideal time frame set to the application current stage, a yellow (warning) dot will be flagged. The dot will change to red (danger) once the application has reached the max time frame, and no action has been taken.

default settings can be changed for each stage except for Referee without an email address, in the settings ==> recruitment category.

SLA settings apply to the stage, so it will affect all steps within the stage. If ideal and max waiting time for a stage are left blank, the SLA will be disabled for the specific stage.