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Assemble allows organisations to publish news articles to their users, keeping them informed of important events and announcements.

Adding/editing news articles

To add a news article select the "Add article" and fill in the required information:

Article excerpt

The excerpt text is the introduction to the news article and is shown in the preview of the article. It should be limited to a couple of sentences and not be longer than a paragraph. The excerpt text is included as the first paragraph of the article.

Article body

Enter the main contents of the article, bearing in mind that anything you've entered into the excerpt will also be shown within the body of the article. There are no character limits.

It is not possible to insert HTML into articles. However, you can use markdown for advanced formatting.

You can use the markdown tables generator if you need to add a table to your news article.

Article image (optional)

News article allows you to upload a headline image for each article. To upload an image, press the "Upload image" button and then select the image you want to upload. Please make sure that images you upload are in landscape format (16:9 or 4:3). Once you've selected the image, you will see the "Image caption" box appear. In order to ensure that your system is Visual Impairment friendly, please make sure you enter a descriptive caption.

Article tags (optional)

If your organisation is utilising tags for news articles, giving your users the ability to customise their news feed, click on the tags field where you'll be able to select the appropriate tag(s).

Expiry date (optional)

If you would like your article to be automatically removed from Assemble, you can set an expiry date by clicking on the field and selecting a date in the future. This will take the article offline on the day you have selected. However, you can still view the document in the "Expired" section of the news management.

Delete article (optional)

Pressing this button will instantly remove the news article from your live news. You can restore any news article by clicking on the "Restore article" link which will appear instead of the "Delete article" button.

Home/featured articles


Assemble allows you to select up to five articles to be displayed on the home page and top of the news page by selecting the checkbox next to the relevant article(s).


Once you select an article to appear on the home page, you can then further select it to appear as the featured article. Please note that you can only select news articles that have an image to be your featured article. 


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