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by Adriana Oliveira

Assemble features a powerful and intuitive tasks module that allows users to create tasks for themselves and/or others to perform. This enables organisations not only to ensure that their users remain engaged with them but also to be able to record and report on their activities accurately. 

Tasks functionalities work in the same way for all users, and as all features in Assemble is all down to the permission held by the user role.

Bulk add tasks

If you have the right permission you can also create and assign tasks to a group of people from my team page.  

  • After pressing create bulk tasks, each task is put in a queue. Therefore, there may be a slight delay in adding and then seeing in the task listing.
  • Each task created will be the same. However, each task should be assigned to the associated user 

Please be aware that there is no way to delete tasks that have been bulk added by accident

Please click here for detailed instructions on how to add and manage tasks.

Required permission(s)

  • Tasks:
    • Bulk create task
    • Assign task to others