Create volunteer

by Adriana Oliveira

This functionality gives you the option to add a volunteer without going through the recruitment process.

Click the Create volunteer button from "My team" listing page and follow the onscreen instructions. 

Technically there is no difference between a volunteer added through this functionality and those added through a different channel like users who completed an application on the public site, or imported users; the volunteers will have the same permission as anybody else under the same role profile.

The differences are more related to the onboarding process; e.g. you may not collect some information you would with users going through the application route, such as parents' details for parental consent, or any other consents etc.

The user added through this functionality will still be invited to give organisation consent on their first login.

You might see a slightly different form if you arrive from a different root, e.g. adding a volunteer who had signed up using an on-boarding code.

Create non-volunteer 

Click the Create non-volunteer button from "My team" listing page dropdown and follow the onscreen instructions.