Ending volunteer & non-volunteer role

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by Adriana Oliveira

To initiate a leaving process on behalf of a volunteer go to the Roles & responsibilities tab on the user record and click the Leave role link.

Initiate the process 

  1. The first stage of the leavers’ process only applies to volunteer roles that are not fixed term.
  2. If you are the direct manager of the volunteer and you are initiating the process, you should be immediately taken to the complete leave screen.
  3. If you are not their manager an actionable notification should be sent to their direct manager to complete the leaving process.

Volunteers with managerial responsibilities

Initiating the leaving process for a user who has responsibilities will display a warning message and you won’t be able to complete the leaving form until the responsibilities are removed.

Volunteers with managerial responsibilities and more than one role

The system won't determine if the role set to leave is directly associated with the responsibilities; it is up to the person initiating the process to take the necessary actions

Also, if the user is leaving all their roles and the leaving date is set for today or in the future, the system won’t block you to set the volunteer to leave the last role without transferring the responsibilities, as technically the person still has another open role.

User with a non-volunteer role 

Only the user direct manager can exit a non-volunteer user.

To end a non-volunteer role click on the role column and set the role end date in the modal.

A callout will appear at the top of the user details if a user is leaving the organisation; e.g. the user is leaving all their roles OR the user has left all their roles.

Always transfer the volunteer’s responsibilities before setting an end date or initiating the leaver's process if leaving role is the volunteer’s last "active" role.


  • Leaving process won't progress to the second stage if the leaving reason is deceased.  
  • The user will be automatically set to inactive if the "leaving" role is the only open role they hold.
  • If a named manager of a role changes and there is a pending review against the role, the manager review notification will be transferred to the new manager, who should receive the actionable notification to complete it. And the old manager should no longer see the manager review notification.

Inactive users

As stated before, if the user has no active roles they will be automatically set as inactive, and won't have access to Assemble.

  Required permission(s)

  • Supervisory permissions:
    • Start leaving process 
    • Cancel leaving process