Searching for a file in the document hub

by Adriana Oliveira

The document hub is where your organisation will make available any resources you might need to help you with your volunteering role, e.g. briefings, films, posters, forms etc.

To access it click in the "Document hub" on the left-hand side menu, or if you know exactly what you are looking for you can search for it in the universal search on top of every page or in the contextual search on the hub page.


The search looks for the file's title and descriptions to displays in the results

Alternatively, you can navigate through all you listed document on the hub page tree on the left to find the material you are interested in.

Click on the file to expand and reveal its basic description, to open it in the browser click the thumbnail, or if you prefer you can download it.

You can also save any file as your favourite to make it easier to find next time. You can also set a reminder against a document so you don't forget to check it out whenever you might need it.