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by Craig Braisby

Training contains the master list of available courses/modules with expected renewal/expiry and completion periods. The list is used within role profiles to assign related optional or compulsory training by role. 

Users assigned roles with training will see the modules in their user record under 'Training' but cannot change dates or information.

Supervisors can view training for individual users in their user record and set completion dates. Completion dates can also be set via the import tool or via an external learning management system (LMS) where this is integrated to Assemble. 

Note: It is not possible to remove a training course from the master list.
Unlinking all roles will 'hide' a module but it will remain on the master list.

Module options (Create or Edit)

Title: Displayed in the user record card.

Description: Displayed in the user record card.

Type (induction/training): Information only, has no effect on where the module can be assigned or used.

Completion period: Limit from when the role is assigned during which the module must have been completed. Users who have not completed in this time will be flagged to their manager/supervisor. Applies only if the module is assigned as 'Required' within the role.

Renewal period: Allows training to expire after a set period from the last completion date.

External LMS Integration

Assemble can optionally be configured by Assemble Professional Services to integrate with an external LMS. Currently, Assemble supports integration to the E-Learning platforms Moodle and TalentLMS.

Integration to an LMS adds automated tracking of completion dates and the ability to jump to the assigned LMS course from within Assemble.